Heine Lieder

Here’s a recording of a song of mine called “Warum sind denn die Rosen so blass” from a poem by Heinrich Heine. It’s sung in German (translation below) and performed beautifully by Kelly Cae Hogan and Luke Fang.

Why are the roses so pale?
o speak, my love, why?
Why in the green grass
are the blue violets so silent?

Why with such a lamenting voice
does the lark sing in the sky?
Why from the balsam weed does there rise
the scent of wilting blossoms?

Why does the sun shine down on the meadow,
so coldly and morosely?
Why is the earth so gray
and desolate like a grave?

Why am I myself so ill and dull?
My lovely darling speak,
O speak, my heart’s most beloved love,
why have you abandoned me?