Ferris Wheel (2003).
Dories Smoking Aria

Jennifer J. Winn – Dorie; Corey Trahan, John; Cathy Venable – pianist

Ophelia (2005).
I have done nothing wrong

Elise Quagliata – Gertrude; Jennifer Gliere – Ophelia; Cathy Venable – piano

The Offshore Pirate (2010).
Take command!

Richard Koons – Carlyle; Michelle Jennings – Ardita; Brittany Palmer – Babe; Kristen Sharpley – Benny; Kate Hamilton – Blue; Cathy Venable – piano

Courage, Carlyle

Juliet’s Balcony (2015).
Thou know’st the mask of night

For a complete list of the operas I’ve composed (their characters, arias, voice types) please contact me.

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